The non profit is under new managment and has a new gang of volunteers.


Come see our Spring lambs, kidds, pilglets, alpacas, goslings and turlklings!


Get involved in recreating rural traditions in the neighborhood!


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Our current priority is recreating the New England tradition of the town farm with a 21st century sensibility...


We're calling it Joy Town Farm (as Troy was once named Joy) a place that serves our community where capitalism can't / won't.


The town farm was the original social safety net, before DHS and social security... a net that held and supported people that needed help... organically and efficiently

The Garcelon House is an agriculturally based cottage industry incubator 

in Troy, Maine whose mission is 

To act as an incubator for cottage industries and agricultural enterprises

that propagate a sense of place, leadership and community among Troy's citizenry

through the recreation, celebration and documentation

of local traditions and innovations

in sustainable rural lifestyles.

Currently incubating here are cottage industries related to 

fiber processing / storytelling

raising / preserving / adding value to 

food / fiber / flowers and rural traditions. 

We offer seasonal

workshops, retreats and host barterring networks to farmers, foodies,

fiber artists and neighbors:   our primary fundraising source...

help us and your family by planning your next visit!


We accept and thank you for your tax deductible donations.