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We raise and incubate a variety of heritage chicken, turkey and geese breeds as well as broilers we import to be raised by our broody hens whose hatch date is matched to the date of our cornish cross imports' arrival so they, like all of our birds, have moms to encourage them to forage and warm themselves with a mom rather than a light.  Our turkeys are typically raised by chickens as we've found them to be more attentive as mothers than our rather wild heritage turkeys who provide the eggs.


ourr bright yellow yolked eggs are available year round.


we sell groups of moms / turklings / goslings / chicks to those who can demonstrate they are ready, willing and able to house, feed and care for a new family flock.  We also sell poultry ready for dispatch and barter for poultry that has been to freezer camp after an optional trip to the smoke house . 


in the winter we sell eggs we blended and froze in the summer when  we had more eggs than quiche pans, the cottage cannery uses our eggs for their breads and quiches as well as our turkeys and chickens for their pot pies.  In the spring we sell egg shells blown out and ready for decorating to easter eggs and christmas ornaments.  local artists sell our eggs as ornaments after they've been decorated.


donate supplies or labor and enjoy wathcing the little chicks, turklings and goslings in action!

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