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For a narrative of our story, stay tuned for

Redbook Records' Serial Story project or check out snippets of it in the Restorative Stories section of this website....  


Until those are available, here's some highlights of accomplishments & setbacks



The historic house purchased



repairs and rennovations to buildings and grounds

resident stewards move in    MOFGA becomes fiscal agent

workshop house built   community garden plot established

board of directors forms,    501c3 status applied for

digitizing and archiving Garcelon family's 

photographs letters  going back to the civil war



bunkhouse, millhouses constructedd

strawberry patches  and farmstand gazebo established

"Milly" moves into the millhouse   501c3 status awarded

Sugarbush established  Footprints Newsletter begins publication

We lose and grieve our beloved mentor: David Rock

begin winter Yankee Swaps



Our first strawberry harvest!    building soils and various cottage industries

Waldo Wools  Redbook Records  Welcome Wagon  Waldo Walkabouts

Oral Histories with Bud      build commercial kitchen enterprises 

  build a website    prepare for SHEEP!  



Starter flocks of sheep and chickens move to the farm

Greenhouses constructed   Barn planned   regularly film community events consistent with our mission


2009 -2010

Barn Built    Sponsor Community Garden and oral history projects with Troy Elementary students

funding lost   re-eavaluation of projects and cottage industries


2011 - 2014

two remaining sustaining stewards liquidate assets to subsidize their volunteer work  applying  for grants /  searching for farmmates

to share the work of: realizing our mission,  maintaining biuldings and grounds and growing collaborative cottage industries     mentor and support resident stewards in growing their cottage industries    repair and assemple floor loom      improve pastures    host MFA's fiber farm tour   

vend Waldo Wools products at Fiber College   Newport Spin-in and online   continue spring lambing  and hatching traditions

grow both flocks and markets for fleece, roving, eggs, lamb and poultry    start a flock of geese    build a website and facebook pressence     explore land trusts and town farm traditions as potential models to adopt      struggle to perservere     inspire ourselves with  memories of neighboring old timers  we were sooooo lucky to know


2015  (planned)

build website as outreach tool

keep house from freezing

repair damage to buldings and grounds  

welcome new stewards, board members and opportunities

grow collaborative efforts of fundraising and community building with local civic organizations    host portions of TUC's steeple rennovation project and its laborers   launch farmers n foodies and fiber folk projects 

see our mission realizing itself and resume Welcome Wagon gatherings





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