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tools / knowledge / skills

tools / knowledge / skills

Earmark your tool sharing for a particular fiber based cottage industry or simply in support of the Fiber Folk group tasked with assisting it's members.

  • Sharing your tools / knowledge / skills

    If you intend to share your tools / knowledge / skillson an ongoing basis, choose the amout of time and frequency you intend to share your labor and enter your start date in response to the WHEN query.  If you mean to lend your labor for a particular project or in a particlular season, month, or for a particlular week or  day,  please enter the date / week / month / season or project you intend to participate in response to the WHEN query.  THANK YOU for your consideration!

  • Fiber Folks

    The Fiber Folk group works to build networks between shepherds, fiber artists, fiber processors and homesteaders with small flocks herds.  They do this work by hosting workshops, retreats, store fronts (real and virtual), attending fiber events and using their online pressence to cross pollenate the efforts of it's members with the wider fiber community

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