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Financial Donation

Financial Donation

Your tax deductible contribution will assist farmers, homesteaders, husbandry men / women,  artists, makers and stewards keep small scale agricultural traditions alive while adapting to and innovating towards our ever changing ecological, economic and sociological climate.   THANK YOU for your generous consideration.

  • Payment options...

    If you'd prefer to avoid the service fees (from the web host and  the cc card / paypal company) assosciated with online transactions you can mail a payment to The Garcelon House at 198 Ward Hill Road in Troy, Maine, 04987.  If you care to set up a payment directly from your bank or credit union to TGH'S credit unon,  contact us at 207 948 5911 or Thanks for your consideration!

    Reducing the administrative costs of moving money means the stewards of our mission, as well as the farmers, shepherds, food and fiber artists have more time to spend doing the work we're here to do.

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