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$hare with INNstead

$hare with INNstead

Earmark the money you're sharing with the INNstead for their capital campagin to grow a town farm network or for general hosting expenses.

  • Payment information

    If you'd prefer to avoid service fees for online payments, send a check or money order to us directly or become a member.  Once a member we can set up a direct deposits from your bank / credit union to ours without any fees.  To become a member follow the prompts from the sign in logo at the top right of your screen.

  • The INNstead

    The Inn-stead works  in concert with other cottage industries to provide a farm stay experience for friends, families, civic clubs and work groups on retreat from urban and sub-urban landscapes.

      Part Inn, part homestead, this place hosts recreational trails, daily routines of a small scale diversified farm, workshop space and mentorshipi opportunities.   Guests are offered space to involve themselves in systems here that feed, clothe and house sustaining lifestyles... or to simply become familliar with nearby farms that feed them during their stay.    

        Visitors are encouraged to visit seasonally for rest, reation and enjoyment of the year's progress.  INNstead hosts will, upon request, facillitate relationships between guests and local farmers that send folks home with whole foods and ready meals that fill their home larders and freezers, nourishing returning farm stay folks in their daily lives between retreats.

  • The Town Farm initiative

    The Inn-stead here at The Garcelon House means to be a pilot project for reinventing the town farm model for the 21st century by seeding an ag based hospitality cottage industry.  We call this project "Joy Town Farm" as Troy was once named Joy.  For more information about this initiative, visit the Joy Town Farm portion of this website by clicking on it's link on the site map page.

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