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Support (labor)

Support (labor)

Earmark your donation for incubating a cottage industry,  growing the footprint fund, gathering stories, hosting celebrations, preserving traditons,  adding value to food / fiber / flowers, recording stories, marketing locally sourced ag products, laboring and suppliying  maintaince of buildings & grounds, administration, fund raising and outreach efforts.

  • Sharing your Labor....

    If you intend to share your labor on an ongoing basis, choose the amout of time and frequency you intend to share your labor and enter your start date in response to the WHEN query.  If you mean to lend your labor for a particular project or in a particlular season, month, or for a particlular week or  day,  please enter the date / week / month / season or project you intend to participate in response to the WHEN query.  THANK YOU for your consideration!


    The footprint fund is set up to gather resources to purchase  and improve the property that has hosted The actual Garcelon homestead for nearly 200 years and it's non- profit for the last 20 years.   To learn abouthe the town farm initiative meant to take root once the property is purchased, click on the the  JOY TOWN FARM button on the site map page and follow it's links.

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