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Redbook Records

Redbook Records

Redbook Records supports TGH's mission by documenting traditions and innovations in rural living.  RR stewards are as dynamic as the projects they undertake...  from digitizing the Garcelon family archive of photographs, letters and anectdotes to recording oral histories to hosting story telling events to greeting card fundraisers to mamory quilt projects  using  old cloth grain bags and photos printed onto fabric to the use of storytelling  as a healing art: "Narrative Medicine".

  • Payment information

    If you'd prefer to avoid service fees for online payments, send a check or money order to us directly or become a member.  Once a member we can set up a direct deposits from your bank / credit union to ours without any fees.  To become a member follow the prompts from the sign in logo at the top right of your screen.

  • Redbook Records

    The Redbook Recordss group works to build familiarity between neighbors, local leaders / farmers / elders / story tellers and oral historians / videographers / story collectors.

      They do this work by hosting suppers, story telling events, QnA sessions , digitizng local historical documents,  attending/recording community organizing events, and arranging interviews with neighbors and elders native to this place.  Redbook records stewards use their online pressence to cross pollenate the efforts of it's members with the wider storied community.

  • Redbook Records' projects incubating here...

    Gramma's Greetings  STORIES OF JOY  Inklings of Joy  LORENZO'S LIBRARY  redbook of eastmarch TERRY'S TREASURES  women's walkabouts FOOTPRINTS NEWSLETTERS wildlife watchers LOCAL LEADERS... to learn more click on their links on the Redbook Records page.  Find their page by clickin on it's link on the site map page.

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