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Waldo Workers

Waldo Workers

Waldo Workers supports TGH's Mission by making available a small worksforce that understands the sensibility of and participates in agriculturally based lifesstyles.  By connecting folks who need work with folks who need help,  those living homestead lifestyles have a support network not readily available from mainstream services geared towards sub-urban lifestyle.  Many of the workers are homesteaders, food / fiber artists, small scale farmers and care takers / care givers of one sort or another earning a living in what some call a mosaic / patchwork approach to earning money and useful barters. 


   Waldo Workers offers those in need of help a gaggle of workers to  weed thier garden, gleen their crops, care for their home and creatures while away or just lend a hand when  there's too many tomatoes and not enough hands. 


  For their part, workers have opportunities to earn wages while doing work they're suited for  without taking on earning projects that interfere with  their priorities.


   With a broad base of workers many projects can be accomplished quickly and convivially and  most schedules can be accomodated, illustrating the real life experience of many hand make light work.

  • Payment information

    If you'd prefer to avoid service fees for online payments, send a check or money order to us directly or become a member.  Once a member we can set up a direct deposits from your bank / credit union to ours without any fees.  To become a member follow the prompts from the sign in logo at the top right of your screen.