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$hare with Fiber Folks

$hare with Fiber Folks

Fiber folk supports TGH's mission

  • Payment information

    If you'd prefer to avoid service fees for online payments, send a check or money order to us directly or become a member.  Once a member we can set up a direct deposits from your bank / credit union to ours without any fees.  To become a member follow the prompts from the sign in logo at the top right of your screen.

  • Fiber Folks

    The Fiber Folk group works to build networks between shepherds, fiber artists, fiber processors and homesteaders with small flocks.  They do this work by hosting workshops, retreats, store fronts (real and virtual), attending fiber events and using their online pressence to cross pollenate the efforts of it's members with the wider fiber community.

  • incubating FIBER cottage industries...

    Waldo Wools   

      Gaffer's Glory  


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