Restorative Justice is a movement (in our view) doing a lot to bring some humanity to our justice system.  A large component is giving everyone involved in a particular conflict a place to tell their story.


In the court of public opinion, those with the loudest voices and most people listening, wins.  Our Restorative Stories project seeks to create a place for people to tell their stories, to give volume to quiet voices and ears to those without an audience. 


In our small community, gossip is a force that has thwarted many worthwhile efforts and collaborations. People gossiped about don't have a place to correct or contradict the stories told about them without gossiping themselves and often don't know exaclty what's been said about them, they just know that people who were once friends or allies suddenly pretend not to know them when they see them at the grocery store, community events and they don't get invited anymore..


Here is a place for people to tell their stories frankly, to be heard and to promote the dissolution of misunderstanding without having to participate in gossip..


Before stories are posted,  story subjects are given the opportunity to read, understand and respond to the stories told about them. 


Aliases  are used in an effort to involve only those familliar with the gossip plot while also sharing the narratives of people in this place with those unfamilliar with it, hopefully giving community members a wider view of their neighbors; their struggles, choices and circumstance.... a view often not shared or understood.  We've found stories are often shared along lines of class and eduction, so hearing stories of folks from different  backgrounds can be very infomative....


Story threads will be found as a submenu of this page, if you have a story to post, send it to  Send us your story and stay tuned.